Innovative training (with support from Vlaio)

Much has been said about it, but he is the picture of Van Dievel, the Truck Pilot.

What started as an image campaign to boost the profession of truck driver has grown into a complete project.

To enable the elaboration of the concept Truck Pilot, Van Dievel submitted a development project to Vlaio. This project has been approved.

Concretely this means that Van Dievel is going to work out the concept Truck Pilot completely, is going to develop a training to Truck Pilot package and is going to make Truck Pilot also a quality label. A new way of training is developed, which will increase the success rate of future truck drivers and pilots.

We will start by making a series of videos to support the training. You can check the dedicated playlist on our Youtube channel here.

Soon, lessons on our new website dedicated to this project:

(You can set the YouTube subtitles in the language of your choice)